How Often Can You Tone Your Hair?

How Often Can You Tone Your Hair

We all want a particular hair tone, which you can only achieve by toning your hair. You probably know a bit about hair toning and how it is done. But you are asking yourself, how often can you tone your hair?

Any toner you apply to your hair will fade with time. It can also develop brassy tones due to oxidization, mostly on bleach-blonde hair. How often you can tone your air will depend on many factors, including the toner quality and how long it takes to start fading. If you notice it is fading or has a brassy tone, you need to tone it again.

If you want to learn about hair toning and how often you should do it, this article is for you. I will talk more about how often you can tone your hair, whether you can tone your hair every two weeks, does toner damage hair, whether you can tone your hair if it’s still yellow and what makes hair remain orange after being toned.

Read all these in the subsequent sub-topics of this article.

How Often Can You Tone Your Hair?

Before I take you through how often you can tone your air/ remember you can tone your hair as often as possible. However, ensure you give the toning session enough time before deciding to tone your hair again.

Depending on the toner you use, you can tone your hair for at least after four weeks.
A toner can cause damage to your hair and the best time you can wait to tone your hair again is an average of 7 to 8 weeks.

Preferably if the tone caused severe damage to your hair, wait until the hair is back to normal and the toner has faded completely. How often you tone your hair will directly affect the health of your hair. Give your hair enough period between the sessions of up to 4 to 8 weeks before deciding to tone it again.

If you don’t like your new tone, I don’t recommend trying to change it immediately, as that will severely impact your hair. You can get other ways to cover the toner, for example, wigs, until the right time to tone it again.

Can You Tone Your Hair Every 2 Weeks?

Yes, You can tone your hair after every 2 weeks but keep in mind toning your hair too often is likely to cause hair damage, dry hair, and even hair loss.

However, you should consider the following factors before deciding to tone your hair again; if your hair has recovered from the previous session, it is not dry or brittle, if your toner is fading, and the type of toner you are using.

Some toners can be gentle, while others are aggressive to your hair, and using them too often can damage your hair.

However, it is recommended to tone your hair 4 to 8 weeks after the previous session. Toning your hair every two weeks might cause problems in your hair if it is not done correctly and with suitable toners.

Does Toner Damage Hair?

Toning your hair will only partially mean your hair will be damaged. Your hair can only get damaged depending on the type, how aggressive the toner is, and how often you tone your hair.

Toning your hair too often can cause the following problems to your hair:

Hair damage – toning your hair too often, maybe after a week or two, is likely to cause hair damage. Signs of damaged hair include splitting at the end and breaking off easily.

Your hair might also look dull and have a rough texture. I recommend you stop toning it further if you notice any hair damage and give it time to recover before toning it again.

Dry hair – toning your hair often can also lead to dry hair. It is common for your hair to feel dry after a toning session, but it should recover within days. But if you notice your hair is not recovering after a toning session, then it is recommended to give it time to recover.

Toning dry hair will damage your hair, leading to breakage and splitting at the ends. Try also to keep your hair hydrated after toning to keep it healthy.

Hair loss is a nightmare for anyone to imagine hair loss, mainly due to toning. Toning your hair too often will lead to your hair falling out. Some toners are aggressive, making your hair thin and weak.

Weak and thin hair will likely fall out during styling or routine maintenance. Hair loss is avoidable by ensuring you tone your hair again after fully recovering from the previous toning session.

Can You Tone Your Hair If It’s Still Yellow?

The answer is yes; you can tone your hair if it’s still yellow. Consider using blue-based ash-blonde colors as your toner to lighten your yellow hair. Blue-based toners are effective at neutralizing the yellow tint of your hair.

Blue is the best toner color to eliminate your hair’s yellow. You must consider the intensity of the yellow color on your hair before deciding on whether to tone it and the best toner color to use.

What Makes Hair Remain Orange After Being Toned?

You might have toned your hair, but it remained orange. To tone orange hair, a blue toner is recommended to you that is effective at killing the orange color on your hair. You can also consider bleaching your hair before applying the toner if your hair has an intense tint or dark orange color.

Your hair might also remain orange because of its residues or other products that were not cleaned well. The residues hinder the effectiveness of the on your hair. It is also important to ensure that the toner has the required exposure time to work effectively.

Some of the main factors that can make your hair remain orange after toning include: the color of the toner used, exposure time of the toner, the intense tone of the orange on your hair, and the natural base color.

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