How Long Should I Wait To Tone My Hair Again?

How Long Should I Wait To Tone My Hair Again

People who often bleach or color their hair are familiar with toning. They create a fantastic array of various shades in their hair. But if you are new to this, you may need help understanding how long you should wait to tone your hair again.

Although there is no specific period that is accurate when you want to tone your hair again, we think 30 days to 45 days would be a reasonable time to wait. This is because you don’t want to ruin your hair health and your scalp.  

This article holds a detailed list of information for toning your hair. Read the article to know the right way to get perfectly toned hair.

How Long Should You Wait to Tone Your Hair Again?

If you have toned your hair, there is a high chance that something might go wrong. This time the most common question you will be searching on the internet is, “how long should I wait to tone my hair again”?

First, it is necessary to know which area of your hair you want to get toned. If you want some highlights, you can opt for sunkissed highlights, which will be harmless to your hair; if needed, you can repeat it twice.

But if you want to tone your hair thoroughly, then the most important thing is to remember whether you have used an ammonia-based hair dye or not.

If so, you must wait for a minimum of 30 to 45 days. This is because the ammonia in the hair dyes takes considerable time to get absorbed in your hair.

Also, if you tone your hair twice or thrice a month, you will provide your hair with a lot of chemicals and ammonia, which is unsuitable for your scalp.

Now, if your hair dye contains no ammonia, you can tone your hair immediately. Similar reasoning applies to toning highlights because you wouldn’t need to tone the hair from the root.

What is Hair Toning?

So, let us know first what hair toning is or the purpose of toning your hair. The method of eliminating the brassy tones in your hair is termed toning. It corrects your overall hair color and sets a natural look.

Hair can be toned with the help of hair toners. Hair toner is a product that personalizes or corrects your hair color. After a professional hair color treatment, hair toner adds the required visible and natural tone to your hair color.

The overall process of toning hair must be done correctly to get the perfect look. Hair professionals say one must wait a particular time before toning hair to avoid damage.  

What If The Hair is Still Brassy After Toner Should You Wait?

Toner is used in your hair to neutralize the undertones when you bleach your hair. It helps in decreasing brassiness from your hair and also enhances hair color.

Brassiness is seen in your hair because of the sun, heat styling tools, and hard water. But sometimes toning fails to work effectively on your hair, or you might need to choose the right toner; thus, the brassiness remains in the hair.

At that time, you might be wondering how long you should wait after toning. The answer is to wait for at least three to four days.

Because toner needs time to absorb your hair and show its properties, you can use any purple shampoo to eliminate brassiness if your hair is still brassy.

Should You Use Purple Shampoo After Toning?

After toning your hair, you may apply purple shampoo but wait for at least three days after you tone your hair. Purple shampoo is not a simple shampoo; it is a toner on its own. The shampoo consists of a purple pigment used for a particular purpose.

It helps neutralize the yellow tone of the hair. For maintaining the golden blond look, purple shampoo is best. How often you want to use purple shampoo depends on you, but use it at most two times a week.

Using excess purple shampoo can make your hair purple. If you are someone with grey, platinum, or silver hair, try to opt for darker purple shampoo and choose a lighter shade of purple shampoo for blonde hair.

Your hair may dry out over time if you use purple shampoo regularly. After using purple shampoo or whenever your hair seems dry, deep condition your hair to prevent brittle, damaged, and unhealthy hair.

Can Toner Darken Your Hair?

Toner is a product that helps neutralize the undertones of your hair. Perhaps you found your new hair color to be a little too light, and you want to make it a bit darker. But you are concerned if toning your hair will darken your hair color.

Whatever the situation is, you must know that toning your hair does not make your hair darker. It will not change your hair color if you have brown, blond, black, or dark auburn hair.

But hair toner can minimize the appearance of yellow or brassy tones on your hair that is bleached or dyed. So, if you want to eliminate yellow hues from your hair, go for a purple toner. If you wish to remove orange and red hues from your hair, choose blue toner and green toner, respectively.

So, toner has nothing to do with darkening your hair. But if you want to darken your hair color, you can die with a darker shade.

How to Fix Your Over-Toned Hair?

If you are a victim of over-toned hair, your hair will be incredibly porous. This might be because of excess toner usage, or maybe you have used a toner that is too strong. Now to fix this mess, you can follow a few methods, which are listed below.

  1. Clarifying Shampoo

This kind of shampoo has an eliminating effect that combats the color that has been added artificially. You must wash your hair thoroughly with this shampoo a few times to get rid of that toner. And then, use a deep condition to moisturize your hair.

  1. Dandruff shampoo

Use an anti-dandruff shampoo to rid your hair of the unwelcome color and clean your scalp and hair of extra oil and grime. Wash your hair thrice with this shampoo and then condition your hair. You can apply baking soda to your hair for the best results.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide

Use hydrogen peroxide that has been diluted to remove undesirable tones from over-toned hair. Please leave it in your hair for a minute to reduce damage and deep condition your hair.

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